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Narratives of Time Series

This series represents  narratives of material and place. I interact with the tidal zones  on the shoreline  of the Atlantic coast  and experiment with letting go of the outcome. 

These  ephemeral narratives using clay, film and photography serve to remind me of our powerlessness to control and the vulnerability and precarity of the human condition.

This work is woodfired in an anagama kiln in Devon completing the alchemical exchange and surrendering go to the elements of the fire and ash.

1. Mujo- Impermanance jpg.jpg
1. Mujo- Inpermanance 38x34x29. £2100.jpg

Mujo- Impermanence

Medium: Wood fired stoneware

Size: W 43 x H 24 x D 29 cm


2.Unearthed -.jpg26x25x19 £1600.jpg
2.Unearthed  copy.jpg
Unearthed 26x25x19 .jpg

Medium: Wood fired stoneware
Size: W 26 x H 25 x D 19 cm

6.Yugen - Grace -woodfired £1400.jpg
6.Yugen-Grace .35x20x14 £1400 Soda fired jpg.jpg

Ukeire - Acceptance 

Medium: Wood fired stoneware

Size: W 35 x H 20 x D 14 cm

8.Shoreliness II. woodfired £1600jpg.jpg
8.Shorelines II.£1600jpg.jpg

Shorelines I

Medium: Soda fired Stoneware

Size 48 x 28 x 23 cm

Photography by Michael Harvey

10.Revealing Time - woodfired £1000.jpg
7.Shorelines. soda fired £1200jpg copy.jpg

Shorelines II

Medium: Wood fired  stoneware

Size 32 x 20 x 16cm

Shorelines III

Medium: Soda fired stoneware

Size 36 x 26 x 24cm

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